Magical Awakening Spiritual Energy Healing

“The Magical Awakening® Energy Healing System has its roots in the lineage of Merlin and the healing powers of The Grail. The beauty of this system is that not only is it one of the most powerful energy healing systems, but it also works to free the mind of the wizard healer who uses it. Magical Awakening® always requires that the wizard healer be fully present, open as a child, without preconceptions to where the healing is going. The wizard healer is asked to listen intuitively to the energy itself, and to play with it. Through this sense of magical play it is constantly reinforcing that the universe itself is a dream, a playful dream. We are nothing but haikus, little wonderful poems created by Divine imagination. It is through this playful dance that we realize we are nothing at all, and we then know simultaneously we are everything.” Brett Bevell, The Wizard’s Guide To Energy Healing (Monkfish Publishing 2015)


Magical Awakening® as an energy healing system is overseen by the God-wizard Merlin and the Goddess known as Lady of the Lake. It combines the sacred power of three primary energy centers in the body known in Celtic shamanism as the Three Cauldrons, with Divine magical consciousness.
There are presently eight levels of Magical Awakening® training, plus an additional teacher level that is by invitation only.

Below are a list of just a few of the tools/energies one can attain through studying this powerful energy healing system. Know that for most levels there are many more tools than are mentioned here:

Level 1) Dragon Fire for burning out negative energy, The Grail for nurturing/restorative healing, Arthurs Crown for wisdom and spiritual awakening

Level 2) Enchantment of the Elements, teaches you how to access elemental energies and their subsets through your fingertips; Merlins Wand allows the wizard healer to send powerful waves of energy healing with a flick of the wrist.

Level 3) Excalibur, a sword of Divine light annihilates negatives and releases karmic patterns; Magical Jewels of the Grail are bubbles of Divine consciousness that can bring a sense of balance and wholeness instantaneously.

Level 4) Lady of the Lake can be called forth into the healing….watch out because you never know what she will do…just that it will be extremely powerful. Also, learn how to submerge your consciousness into the Lake of primordial energies before they come into the world of form.

Level 5) Divine Bell vibrates within the energetic bodies to help align their energetic system, as well as ring out obstacles. Divine Light of the Grail is a high vibration spiritual light for renewal, alignment and re-connection.

Level 6) Enchantment of Time allows you to work with and change time-lines. Enchantment of Dimension allows you to both expand and contract consciousness and energies, to be as small as one dimension or as expansive as twelve dimensions.

Level 7) Alchemy of the Grail is a deepening of the Grail empowerment, which allows you to access the vibrations of most of the worlds spiritual healing traditions through the Grail. These can be in the form of prayers, mantras, symbols, power objects, runes, magical formulas, Hebrew names of God, the Ankh, Star of David, The Cross, and much more.

Level 8) Celtic Knot unwinds those strings of light of which we are composed, allowing them to breathe and release energetic debris caught among the tangles. It is one of the most powerful tools in Magical Awakening®. Divine Harp plays a sound that sustains creation itself, a very meditative tool used for spiritual awakening.

The history of Magical Awakening® begins in 2007 when Brett Bevell’s mystical experience showed him a Divine form of light after a 12 day energy healing training of another energy healing modality in the Merlin lineage which Brett studied called Vortexhealing®, founded by Ric Weinman. (Vortexhealing® is a registered service mark owned by Ric A. Weinman.) That training, on the island of Majorca Spain, opened a deep mystical magic window deep in Brett’s consciousness. The experience was one Brett compares to the film The Matrix, where ones and zeroes trickle across the screen during the films credits, but in this case it was not ones and zeroes but simply a powerful white light that was trickling in the background of everything. Brett had the knowing that this light was benevolent and that he could empower others to this Divine light. Over the next few years, he worked with this light offering group energy healings to staff at Omega Institute which were very popular and well received. Brett noticed that during these healings he would sometimes see bright images in his own energy field related to Arthurian legend, images such as Excalibur and The Grail. Sometimes he would also would hear voices speaking to him in Gaelic. Over the next year, Brett developed the first seven levels of the Magical Awakening® Energy Healing System. Several years later, as more energy healing tools were shown to him, an eighth level was added to the system.

If you wish to be trained and certified in this wonderful form of spiritual healing, contact one of the Magical Awakening® teachers listed on this site. If you want to learn the first three levels simply for your own spiritual development and to share with friends and family, you can do so through Brett’s book The Wizards Guide To Energy Healing

Magical Awakening® is a registered service mark owned by Brett Bevell . All rights reserved.